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Destry Saddled Up, Blazing the Way for Brooks

“Blazing Saddles” spoofs many Hollywood westerns, and a whole lot of other things, and I could recite about fifty lines from it off the top of my head right now. But about twenty years after my first viewing of it, I watched “Destry Rides Again” for the first time and it almost made me appreciate “Blazing Saddles” just a little bit less.
Clink Scale 8.5

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Standard Issue…To a High Standard

“Crazy Rich Asians” Covers Familiar Material But Produces Big Laughs
Besides the much-publicized fact that the cast and crew of the new film “Crazy Rich Asians” is predominantly Asian, there isn’t anything at all unique about this film. That doesn’t, however, take away from the fact that this standard romantic comedy is a great time at the movies.
Clink Scale 7.4

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